At the March chapter meeting (follow link for details) on March 7, 2017, the following five candidates will be running for positions on the Berlin chapter’s board.


Michael Steltzer

The smooth and transparent management of the finances of the Berlin Chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany is essential for the effective progress of our Democratic values. This includes fundraising and accountability. Having been chair and vice-chair of the Berlin chapter for seven years, I bring a lot of experience and continuity with me to assist our new chair Diego Rivas in leading the Berlin chapter to do our part in forwarding a progressive agenda and winning the hearts and souls of Americans in our region to vote for Democrats and discard the reactionary Trump-Regime. I ask for your confirmation as new treasurer of our chapter.

Youth Coordinator

Chris Sauca

In the spirit of continuing to help Democrats Abroad grow , it’s our duty to embrace those who willingly choose to fight alongside us. Democrats come in all ages, and whether you’re eighteen or eighty, all votes are worth the same. Confirm me as Youth Coordinator and I’ll make sure we get as many young people as we can actively involved with our organization. As a John F. Kennedy School alumnus, I know exactly who we need to talk to to get our message across. By contacting parents, students, and young professionals across Berlin I expect to at least double the number of young democrats partaking in our events and calls to Congress over the next two years, and hopefully at the end of those two years we can get them to vote and make sure Trump stays a one-term president.

Vice Chair

Emily Lines

Despite not becoming chapter chair, I still want to remain very active and involved with the Berlin chapter of DA. It’s important to me to make sure that the Berlin chapter continues to grow and is able to make an impact on the Democratic Party. I also want our voices to be heard by the current administration and fight for what I believe America stands for.


Andrea Schwab

After years of teaching and volunteering in both developed and developing countries, I have settled into life here in Berlin. Since discovering Democrats Abroad, I have delved into our organization as an active and dedicated member. As secretary, I would take our chapter’s level of transparency a step further by committing to posting (online) meeting minutes not just from our monthly meetings but our board meetings as well in an effort to engage members and keep them informed about the direction and activities of Democrats Abroad Berlin. Furthermore, I will support our chair and vice chair as needed and collaborate with our board on political education, GOTV, and community-building events as we do our part of rebuilding the Democratic Party in preparation for the 2018 midterm elections. I appreciate your consideration.

Media & Communications Coordinator

Powen Shiah

Over the last two years, I’ve been honored to work with a group of politically active Americans in Berlin. I look forward to helping Democrats Abroad Berlin grow, become more diverse, and to develop new ways for Americans to engage effectively while outside the US.

I’m running again for Communications and Media Coordinator for Democrats Abroad Berlin because I continue to believe effective and transparent communication is the key to building our movement. I believe we need to reach out to current and potential members in the ways they are most comfortable: whether it’s email, Facebook, or flyers. To that end, I’ve expanded our chapter online presences on social media, on our local website, and on the Democrats Abroad page, and I’ve worked to improve our email newsletters. I bring many years of experience in traditional and social media, press relations, and internal/external communications, as well as much community organizing experience.