Chair: David Knutson

Vice Chair/Secretary: Jessica Maluch

Chapter Treasurer: TBD

Press Officer: Dennis Craig

Events & Fundraising Coordinator: Amanda Francke

Internet Coordinator: Jon Wolfe

Vice Chair Liaison: David Knutson

GOTV/Membership Coordinator: TBD

Young Dems Abroad Berlin Coordinator: Gwendolyn Lynch

General Questions

Information –

Update: Please use the above e-mail addresses to contact us. Comments are only checked for spam.


3 Thoughts on “Contacts Democrats Abroad Berlin”

  • Hi!

    I go to NY, Boston and Maine at the end of september/beginnig october and as an active member of the social democrats in Berlin I`d like to attend an event of the election campaign. Maybe with Obama? Is this possible? Can you organise something? You can call me on 030 61 79 79 3. Thanks a lot!

    Sabine Smentek

  • Hello,

    We are holding an event here at the ICD House in Berlin for the interns and wondered if we could speak to someone. There is no telephone number listed – please send me the number by return of email so that I can talk to somebody.

    Norma Wright

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