On July 15, 2008 at Max und Moritz Restarant – Gates open at 7:00 PM
Steve Kettmann is an author, who will read to us from his new book “LETTER TO A NEW PRESIDENT – Common Sense Lessons for Our Next Leader”.

This is a letter from the famous US Senator Robert C. Byrd, who is a nine-term Senator from West Virginia. Serving since 1959, he is the longest-serving Senator in the history of the Republic. He has held more leadership positions in the U.S. Senate than any other Senator in history, including the Office of President pro tempore, Senate Majority and Minority Leader, Senate Majority and Minority Whip, and chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. This book will help the next President grapple with the heavy demands of the office. Every American who cares about where this country is heading will find rich wisdom in Byrd’s sage advice. (from the inside cover).

Steve Kettmann has written for publications including The New York Times, The New Republic, and Salon.com. The author of One Day at Fenway, he cowrote the New York Times bestsellers Juiced with Jose Canseco and What a Party! with Terry McAuliffe.