Democrats Abroad does not, and can not, provide advice on tax filing. Please consult a tax professional (and attend the tax info session on May 18, 2015).

Help Provide Evidence of FATCA-Related Account Closures or Denials

Democrats Abroad is reiterating its call for members to provide evidence linking FATCA to financial institution account closures or the denial of new services. This information will reinforce the campaign for FATCA reform.

From the April 2015 The Democrat Abroad newsletter (PDF):

  • Correspondence from your bank or other financial institution demonstrating the connection between closing or not opening an account because of FATCA legislation (black out any personal details).
  • Officials at foreign financial institutions whom we can contact about their willingness to change their policies if the Safe Harbor is enacted.

Send whatever you can to:

FATCA/FBAR Background & Democrats Abroad Advocacy

For general information about FATCA, FBAR, activities of the Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Group, and DA’s position on FATCA, take a look at the following documents:

For general information about FATCA, visit the American Citizens Abroad page on the topic. The ACA is also currently accepting testimonials related to the banking and tax filing problems of Americans abroad.

Democrats Abroad also has a list of recommended tax filing resources including

Getting More Involved

If you’re interested in getting more involved at a chapter level or in the DA FATCA taskforce, leave a comment or contact us — we’ll do our best to connect interested members!