7 Thoughts on “How do we get young dems to join our chapter?”

  • I think first one has to find young dems. Think activities alone won’t make them come! Where do young dems hang out? Maybe when we start voter registration we can get interested people easier by approaching them actively?!

  • A few questions that could help out:
    1. Who is the contact person for Young Dems Abroad Berlin (YDAB)Good for Website, Facebook etc.
    2. When and where does YDAB meet.
    3. Does YDAB have activities planned? Where is the party?
    4. Does YDAB have a fundraising goal? A voter registration goal?
    5. Does YDAB have a flyer in printed and/or digital form with information to distribute.

    • #1) That would be me(Florian)
      #2) Depends on when most of the people have time
      #3) No activities so far, because there aren’t any people who want to meet
      #5) We had planned to print flyers, I don’t have the time since I am busy with my studies!

  • Hi,

    I think this is a really interesting question – which I have been pondering myself. It seems as if the streets, bars and restaurants are full of young Americans. But how can we get them to become politically active?

    A very basic step I will definitely attempt, is to listen for American accents while walking around, and simply strike up a conversation and invite them to the next DA event. I also think fun activities geared to young dems are a good idea. The key would be to advertise the event in the right places (especially various email newsletters and online blogs and magazines).

    I would love to sit down, talk about various options and get something organized!


  • PS: I could take a day off looking for jobs to print the flyers, if that is still something you would like to do.

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