Dear friends and fellow Democrats!

Visit and join the consitutuency groups for President Obama:

LGBT for Obama ( contains a detailed list of accomplishments and progress made in the LGBT community under the leadership of President Obama in a great infographic under the timeline section. The site also has a section for locating Pride Events near you!

Latinos for Obama ( goes in-depth into what the President has done to advance the Latino community throughout the country. From advancing education opportunities to ensuring programs like Social Security and Medicare last, we have made real progress.

Women for Obama ( is particularly great because it gives information and stresses topics such as women’s equality, preventive care, and the Obama administration’s commitment to families and health reform. This site also has heart-warming personal stories from real women all over the country.

African-Americans for Obama ( has a layout devoted to HBCU’s, voter registration, and a blog showcasing accomplishments in the African-American community.

The Jewish Americans ( group showcases a “Myth vs. Facts” section on Israel and a full description of the President’s stance on Israel.

The Faith group ( details the President’s support of the faith-based community and the positive impact the administration has made on the community.

The Asian-American & Pacific Islanders ( section is dedicated to showcasing May as Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Also including very personal stories about the AAPI experience, including the story of the President’s sister Maya Soetoro-Ng.

Environmentalist for Obama ( covers pertinent facts and solutions to why we don’t have to choose between our environment and our economy.

Nurses for Obama ( highlights the support the President has among Nurses because insurance companies should not dictate our medical care, but our health decisions should be made in conjunction with our personal medical professionals.

Veterans for Obama ( shows us that it is the President’s priority to honor those that have served their country.

Young Americans for Obama ( is a resource where youth, our greatest national resource and future, can connect, learn, and organize to help our President.

Each website also has a short video from the president that summarizes his commitment to each of these groups.

Additionally, in honor of Mitt Romney clenching the Republican nomination, we would also like to share with you our latest video capturing a year of Mitt Romney’s Facebook timeline which shows there is little to like about the GOP nominee!

We hope you take the time to visit each of these groups on the campaign website and urge you to share them with your networks.