The Global Presidential Primary will be held from March 3-10, 2020. This primary allows voters living abroad to cast a primary vote for a candidate of their choice. For any candidate to get on the Global Presidential Primary ballot, they need 300 signatures from Democrats Abroad members. So far, only Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren have qualified. You are allowed to sign the petition for as many or as few candidates as you would like and are not required to cast a vote in the primary for any candidate you signed a petition for.

To sign the petition, you must be willing to share your name and email with the campaign. Signing a petition only takes a few minutes. The best way to ensure a democratic vote is to have all qualified candidates on the ballot, so please follow these steps and sign the candidate petitions!

Step 1: Go to

This is the main website for Democrats Abroad where you can find information about local, national, and international events. You can use this website to RSVP for events, sign up for caucuses, and stay up to date on what our Democrats Abroad members from around the world are up to!

Step 2: Log into your account

If you receive emails from Democrats Abroad currently, you have an account. If you don’t think you have an account, you can create one on this page!

Step 3: On main screen, click on “Add your candidate to the Democrats Abroad Primary Ballot- Sign their petition now”

You can also click here to go to the petition page:

Step 4: Select a candidate’s profile

Step 5: Click orange link that says, “Sign now to add _____________ to the Democrats Abroad presidential primary ballot”.

In this example, Amy Klobuchar has been selected.

Step 6: Fill in your information

It’s that simple! Now follow these steps to make sure all of your favorite candidates make it on to the 2020 Global Presidential Primary ballot!