This years Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad was held in Berlin.  The officers of DAG were all reelected per acclamation:

  • Chair: Mitch Wolfson
  • Vice Chair: Susan Haug
  • Secretary: Shari Tempel
  • Treasurer: Ron Schlundt

Also elected were the six At Large Members of the Executive Committee (Excomm)

  1. Alison Goerller (HD) 
  2. Nancy Green (Berlin)
  3. Brunni Kunne (KL)
  4. John McQueen (HD)
  5. Christa Obersteiner (NRW)
  6. Chris Palmer (FFM)

A new set of bylaws for DAG was installed:
see: img/icon_pdf.gif

The minutes of the meeting can be retrieved at: dag-agm-annual-meeting-notes-2007.pdf

Karen Axelrad took some great pictures.  Check