Just 150 years ago our nation fell into civil war, and the legacies live on. Today the divide in our country is being fueled by anger, frustration, economic woes, but we, Democrats Abroad, still believe that President Obama and the Democrats are the ones who can lead us through these times and make a better tomorrow.

The 111th Congress was the most productive and progressive Congress since 1965. The 112th has been hindered by Republican obstinacy to doing the right thing for our country, preferring to act out an Alice in Wonderland tea party scenario.

While we all know tea parties are for children with imaginary friends, Republicans across the country have begun to embrace dangerous positions on serious matters to pander to the far right of America. So your contribution of $25 today will make a difference.

Elections have consequences.

Democrats Abroad is spread all around the globe, reaching from Tokyo to Dublin. We vote in every State and in every Congressional District. So to celebrate the 4th of July 2011 we have sewn together a quilt, squares coming from far and wide. Christine Rolland, chapter chair of Normandy, a land far from our shores but also soaked with the blood of our soldiers, led our effort to showcase the unity of Americans living abroad with each other and with our country, people coming together in pursuit of a common goal, small as it may be. The photo below shows the DA Quilt hanging on the wall of St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

On July 4th we will give this quilt to one of our members. If you would like to be a potential recipient of this one-of-a-kind, handmade quilt sewn by Americans worldwide, please let us know by contributing $25 dollars to Democrats Abroad; we will add you to the list.

For each $25 you give to Democrats Abroad, you will have an additional chance of being the one to receive this July 4th quilt. Like elections there can be only one winner, but this quilt will be won by a random draw.

Democrats Abroad strives to get Americans living abroad registered to vote and to cast their ballot. The 2012 elections will be quickly upon us and unlike the quilt drawing we don’t want random results.

We must return a Democratic majority to the House of Representatives. We must maintain a Democratic majority in the United States Senate.

And we must reelect President Obama to the White House.

We must start today.

Please take a chance on us and contribute $25. Please take a chance on our country, register to vote, and then vote. History teaches us that we can rise to the challenges of our times and we can make a difference.


Kenneth E. Sherman
International Chair

P.S. Spread the word, tell a friend and contribute today.